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HELIO dulce de leche cuckoo flover 400g

On the Polish market, Kukuka HELIO fudge mass is a complete novelty. The product is a reaction to the rising demand for delicacies that will broaden the flavor profile of baked products created at home. The uniqueness of HELIO is a mix of its excellent flavor, silky consistency (suited to recipes for home baking), and subtle scent.

All types of pastries and delicacies, such as apple pies, cakes, and Easter mazurkas, will include Kukuka HELIO fudge filling. The mass can also be used to fill or adorn baked muffins or cupcakes with shortbread frosting. Also, it may be used as a sauce for ice cream desserts, a filling for waffles, and an alternative to typical toppings for all varieties of cheesecake. Because of the uniqueness of HELIO, wafers may also be spelled wafers. Cuckoo flavor and whipped cream, two popular childhood tastes of today’s 30- and 40-year-olds, are an intriguing retro-style culinary proposition. Shortbread cupcakes with HELIO kukuka fudge and whipped cream are a simple and delicious way to present this return to good memories from the past.


EAN: 5905617009260
Pcs/Case: 6

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