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HELIO POPCORN for microwave caramel with cinnamon 90g

Only HELIO offers microwave caramel popcorn with cinnamon, making it a unique offering on the Polish market. A snack that seduces for a considerable amount of time was created by fusing the delicate taste of cinnamon with the sweetness of caramel. The formula for the new HELIO popcorn was created to increase the proportion of “shooting” corn kernels in addition to its distinctive flavor and aroma.

Hence, HELIO caramel popcorn with cinnamon is the ideal snack for a movie night at home, a kid’s party, or a get-together with friends. Warm popcorn with a distinct flavor and aroma will provide a romantic ambiance and make many evenings more enjoyable after only four minutes of preparation.


EAN: 5905617000472
Pcs/Case: 16

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