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La VIDA Business Development

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About us

La VIDA Business Development works globally, sourcing well known International and national brands.   

We link Producers with the biggest Retailers providing end to end sourcing, commercial, operation and logistics services. 

We organize efficient logistics and operation to offer products to different markets in the best possible prices and high quality.  

We create sustainable value for Producers and Retailers: 

  • We increase Producer’s and Retailers sales offering attractive prices to different markets, 
  • We support Retail Category Managers, Buyers and Import Departments in Their daily work,  
  • We are able to source any DRY FOOD, FRESH and FROZEN product from Europe
  • We use scale, we buy full pallets and full trucks, however for our Partners we are flexible and open for challenges,  
  • We take full responsibility in communication between Producer and Retailers from the contract until export, 
  • Our strengths is, that we are able to use synergy in different sales channels: Retail, HoReCa and online channel.  
  • We are open to implement new brands to markets in Polish, Baltic countries and Ukraine, 
  • We are open to share markets overview, geopolitical and economic impact on consumer goods and together agree goods implementing strategy to specific market,  
  • With La VIDA You don’t need to warry about documents as well as Health Certificates: Sanitary Inspection Certificate, Veterinary
  • We take care that expiry dates are over 75% of total expiry date once loaded.  
  • We are also flexible concerning product promotion and marketing activities
  • We propose the best and the most efficient way of buying products, as well as end to end service: listing the goods in the system, importing, logistics and warehousing as well as customs of the goods, 
  • If Retailer requires we will perform product stickering according to country requirement,  
  • We will propose novelties to Category Managers and we will listen Retailers assortment needs
  • We provide consultancy service for Retailers. With audit background in Retail, we know what is TRUST, compliance and confidentiality. We can review processes to improve margin in commercial and organize efficient international logistics and assure WORLD CLASS >95% logistics service level, 
  • One of our commercial and logistics success story in Asia (big Thailand market). For the biggest food Producer in Thailand and TESCO Retailer, logistics service level has been improved from 68% to 96% of service level within short time (6 weeks) eliminating system mistakes, Staff barriers and proposing number of initiatives.  
  • We cooperated and supported Global Producers (Procter & Gamble, Unilever,  PEPSICO, Baiersdorf) in Supplier Partnership Programme looking for improvements in logistics in Asia (China, Thailand and Malaysia),  
  • Would you like to know one of our promotion success story for Producer? Together with one of the biggest Retailer in Ukraine we created national marketing campaign. The brand – well known in Poland since over 100 years has been promoted for the first time in all TV’s and all radios in Ukraine free of charge for Producer, we send many trucks for this promotion. Is it interesting? 

It will be an honour and a privilege to work together with You, listen Your needs and create better future together. 

We listen Producer’s and Retailer’s needs, use scale and business synergy.  

We LOVE Retail, Pareto rule and appreciate long term Partnership 

We bring products into LIFE, let’s do it together.  

We are very grateful to our current Partners for cooperation and we are open to set up new Partnerships. We are waiting for Your contact.

La VIDA online and online channel is our additional passion

We are active online and is our additional activity.

La VIDA online offers products for Mums, For Babies, For Families.

Children’s favorite toyseducational games and puzzles from the well-known and loved by Kids and respected by Perents French company DJECO. Educational games CAPTAIN SCIENCE (Kapitan Nauka) – great fun for the whole FamilyBAMBINO school supplies for preschoolers and students. For infants DOLLY bed linen and protectors, beautiful WOLA tights and socks, unique La VIDA hair accessories for small Ladies.

For brave Mothers, we offer a wide selection of GATTA tights for every occasion, as well as maternity tights and leggings, slimming, corrective and compression tights.

Comfortable women’s underwear as well as t-shirts and sports tops for active Mums.

Are You lokking for a gift for a child? We will advise, please write to us:

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