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HELIO dulce de leche traditional 400g

Many types of sweets and pastries can be made using HELIO sweet fudge masses. With its inclusion, we will make the renowned English dessert known as banoffee, which has kaymak, whipped cream, and bananas. The mass can also be used to fill or adorn baked muffins or cupcakes with shortbread frosting. It also works nicely as a sauce for ice cream desserts as a filling for waffles. With vanilla and strawberries, it tastes fantastic. The HELIO brand’s new tastes provide a wide range of culinary options. The dish might acquire a chocolate sweetness. The coconut mass will give it a unique flavor, and the typical handcrafted confection with nut flavor will make you think of Christmas and lazy summer afternoons.


EAN: 5905617009208
Pcs/Case: 6

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