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HELIO Dried Pineaple HG 80g

The name “ananasa” comes from the Arabic word “anaana,” which denotes an aroma. His owl seems to be a large, hefty szyszka with decorative licorice on top. The “ananasowej szyszki” window has a soczysty mousse with a delicate flavor and a really pleasing scent. In the course of one of Krzysztof Kolumb’s most ambitious endeavors, an ananas for Europeans was obliterated on the Gwadelupe. A large travel guide compares it to pineapple slices at this point because such terms are less common in Spanish and English. To ensure their continued popularity, sadzonki ananas were transported from Colombia to Spain. Even in Poland throughout the late XVIII and early XIX centuries, ananas uptake was very popular in the cieplarnias known as ananasarniami. The largest of these were created on the Warsaw Solcu, in the Sassy Grotto, and in Wilanowie.


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Pcs/Case: 10

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