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Pudliszki Tomato Paste 200g

Do you know how tomato paste is made?
Even a small blemish on the skin of a tomato can spoil the taste of our tomato specialty, which is the concentrate. That is why we carefully select only fresh and ripe tomatoes that we know from the seed, and then remove the skins, seeds and excess tomato juice from them. Our 30% concentrate is simply cleaned and rubbed tomatoes, from which we have evaporated 70% of the water.
In addition, thanks to thermal processing, tomato paste, compared to fresh tomatoes, may contain up to 2.5 times better absorbable lycopene, a valuable antioxidant that is able to effectively slow down the aging process of the skin.
The environmentally friendly glass packaging of our concentrate allows you to immediately make sure that the concentrate is thick and has the right deep red color. It will make the tomato you like.
The concentrate, due to condensation, will give an intense flavor to tomato sauces and soups, even if they are made of tomatoes or other tomato products.
We also offer concentrates with additives: herbs, basil or garlic, enhancing the taste of dishes.
what? Time for tomato or lasagna? Or goulash?
Enjoy your meal!


EAN: 5900783000134
Pcs/case: 8
Pcs/pallet: 2160
Country of origin: Poland
CN code: 20029039

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