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Pudliszki Pasata 500g

The name “Passata” comes from the Italian passare and means to pass through. That’s because passata are tomatoes that go through blades and graters to get a liquid consistency. Our passata is pureed, skinless and seedless tomatoes, from which we have evaporated some water to obtain a thick, but still liquid (compared to tomato paste) consistency. We closed the ready passata in an environmentally friendly glass bottle, thanks to which you can immediately see how thick and intensely red the content is.
In our passat you will only find tomatoes, tomato juice, a pinch of salt and citric acid (which we obtain from fruits and vegetables). No preservatives! Fresh, natural, healthy and so comfortable!
You can use our passata to prepare dishes that do not require the use of tomatoes in pieces, such as sauces, soups, goulash or chilli con carne.
Enjoy your meal!


EAN: 8410066130719
Pcs/case: 8
Pcs/pallet: 960
Country of origin: Spain
CN code: 20029019

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