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PRYMAT PANKO - Japanese-type breadcrumbs 1 kg

PANKO is Japanese-type breadcrumbs. What distinguishes it from the classic breadcrumbs is its texture. PANKO has the form of large flakes, which makes it crunchy. It consists only of wheat flour, water, yeast and salt. PANKO coating is used primarily for deep-fried dishes, but the range of its applications is much wider.
PANKO is perfect for breading seafood, fish, poultry, vegetables or cheese. Thanks to it, we will prepare Asian-style dishes, e.g. chicken in PANKO or calamari fried in batter. This breadcrumbs can also be used to prepare the mass for meat or vegetable meatballs. It will be an interesting binder with a noticeable structure. PANKO breadcrumbs will also diversify the taste of dishes known in Polish cuisine. We can coat pork chops or turkey schnitzels in it.


EAN: 5901135033954
Pcs/case: 10
Pcs/pallet: 400
CN code:19059080

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