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HELIO Salad Mix with Pini Nuts 100G

A well chosen blend of pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds makes up the salad mix Italy HELIO. The entire dish reminds me of the flavors of Italy after a day in the sun. A delicious and healthful snack is salad mix from Italy Helio. You can take it to work and snack anytime you like because of the practical, resealable package. As the name implies, salad mix can be added to salads to make them crunchier and more reminiscent of the flavor of summer. Also, use it as a grilling or baking coating for meat and fish. It works nicely as a supplement to yoghurt and porridge in the morning. While making sweets, keep that in mind and sprinkle seeds on your ice cream.


EAN: 5905617000571
Pcs/Case: 16

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