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HELIO Poppy seeds with nuts 560g

Pieces of nuts in a pile of nuts HELIO contains carefully chosen component quantities. Together with peanuts, the gluten-free HELIO treat also contains milk and cream, which give it smoothness and help us distinguish between peanut butter and peanut bulk.

peanut mass with nuts and no gluten HELIO can be used as a versatile ingredient in many pastries. It will work well as a filling for croissants, a top layer for cheesecake or sponge cake, and a topping for pancakes or challah rolls. It will also work well as a layer of wafers or biscuits. Also, a layer of the well-known royal apple pie and walnut mass with bits of peanuts can effectively replace the topping of a Christmas mazurka or poppy seed cake.


EAN: 5905617009505
Pcs/Case: 6

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