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HELIO dulce de leche advocat flavor 400g

You may quickly conjure up delectable sweets, cakes, cakes, and cookies with the aid of HELIO advocate-flavored fudge mass. The advocate’s distinct palate fosters culinary exploration and the hunt for novel flavor pairings. Advocate mass may add to cheesecake or other desserts or substitute for the traditional kajmak in mazurkas to give traditional pastry a startling new look. For stacking cakes, wafers, waffles, and pancakes as well as making ice cream cups and desserts, advocate-flavored mass is ideal. Moreover, it may be used to adorn handmade cupcakes. The mass may be effectively applied to a pastry bag to produce attractive designs, but because of its velvety consistency, it is simple to distribute across the top of each cake. 


EAN: 5905617009253
Pcs/Case: 6

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