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Cocoa cake vege

(Frozen product)
Vege cocoa sponge cakes with currant filling 22% and vege
cocoa cream 19%, finished with cocoa glaze, fondant strips and
edible flower petals


Pcs/case: 1 Cases/Pallet: 192  Pcs/Pallet: 192

External appearance – round shape, top decorated with dark glaze, pomade and cornflower petals
Cross-section – visible layers of biscuits, cocoa cream, currant filling
Smell and taste – cocoa, currant

Defrost the dough in the original packaging in the cold room for about 18 hours
thawing / reaching serving temperature.
Storage before opening:
Store below -18°C in the original closed packaging.
Storage after opening:
Store between 1 °C and 6 °C and consume within 4 days.
Defrosted product cannot be re-frozen.

Energy value in 100 g of the product
Energy value 1511 kJ / 362 kcal
Fat 19 g
– including fatty acids
Carbohydrates 41g
– including sugars 26 g
Fiber 2.9g
Protein 5.8g
Salt 0.85 g

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