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Djeco is a French toy brand for more than 60 years – the first companies were inspired by the world of animals and immediately liked not only children, but also their performance. From the very beginning, the basic construction of Djeco has been the production of articles that are supposed to encourage action with their appearance alone. That’s why an original design is a hallmark of every product that has appeared from games for younger people, and then joined the set of creative sets for teenagers. The founder of the brand, a certain Véronique Michel-Dales, from the very beginning focused on the appearance of each application that was to match its educational values. Currently, Djeco products are available in many countries around the world, and the entire range of the company consists of over 700 items and is constantly expanding with new proposals for children of all ages.


Every child is an artist who unconditionally believes in their abilities. In order to develop the creative passions of the youngest, Bambino brand constantly introduce new art products that are characterized by high quality, a wide range of colors and design tailored to the needs of the target group. Bambino is the key to inspiring and promoting creative passions among children.


Gatta is a Polish brand owned by FERAX (also the owner of the Wola brand), a leader in the production of hosiery in Poland. Gatta’s product collections are available for sale in over 130 company stores in the largest cities in Poland and in reputable lingerie and tights stores. The brand has gained recognition not only in Poland. Its products are sold in the European Union countries (such as Great Britain, France), as well as in countries on other distant continents, e.g. USA, Australia.


WOLA was established in 1945 as a state-owned factory producing gloves and thick knitted products. From the beginning of its existence, the plant invested in development, successively expanding the machine park and diversifying the assortment. Having more and more experience in knitting, in 1951 the factory started the production of hosiery. At the end of the 1980s, Wola appeared on the Eastern market and began to gradually conquer the German and French markets. In the early 1990s, the rapid development of the market and consumer demands prompted the company to expand its offer with new products: socks and a wider range of tights. At the same time, the computerization of production processes took place. Thanks to the new possibilities offered by the new machines, the production of cotton tights with raised patterns began. In 2001, the next step in expanding the commercial offer was the launch of the production of a new assortment of terry socks and tights for children.