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A plant-based food manufacturer called Naturli creates meat and dairy substitutes. The business was established in 1998, and its headquarters are located in Denmark’s Aarhus AGRO Foodpark. Dragsbaek A/S, a subsidiary of Orkla Foods AS, functions as the parent company of Naturli.

The business sells meat and dairy substitutes with soybeans as its primary component. They sell cream cheeses, pastries, ice cream, and milk that is soy-based. Under a distinct brand name named Funky Fields, they market and sell plant-based minced meat substitutes. Oats, rice, and almonds are the primary components of other Naturli products.

Denmark’s Naturli debuted its own plant-based retailer in Copenhagen in August 2018. More than 40 Naturli plant-based goods will be available at the store. They are producing vegan butter, vegan ice-cream, vegan cream and vegan cakes and delikts.